ITEF is now accepting applications from charter schools. Although these schools use different accreditation standards than public schools, they adhere to the standards of the higher education institution that sponsors them. ITEF recognizes that there are a number of charter schools whose requests, initiatives and student population fall well within our guidelines.   Moreover, many of the charter schools have curricula that reflect high levels of innovation as well as excellent test scores and deserve the opportunity to compete for funding.

As of today, area charter schools are all sponsored by universities (with the exception of the Construction Careers Academy, a SLPS charter) and operate for a minimum of five years locksmith boss. Our research shows that DESE does gather a great deal of data on Charter Schools which builds a solid case for their efficacy, curricula and academic outcomes for students. DESE does not make performance data available until it has been gathered for three years to create a baseline.

With this in mind, ITEF adopted the following criteria for charter schools to help us determine their eligibility for inclusion in the grant process:

  • Operational for at least 3 years
  • Year to date Annual Performance Rate of 70% or higher (as provided by DESE)
  • Signed letter of support from Coordinator of Educational Support Services at DESE
  • Signed letter of support from the university sponsoring the school
  • All of these are in addition to the eligibility standards we already have in place for all applicants.