The Innovative Technology Education Fund (ITEF) today announced the addition of information technology (IT) professional Tanya Yatzeck to its Board of Directors. Yatzeck has been an IT Professional for nearly twenty years, and is currently a Project Manager at Spire, Inc. (formerly Laclede Gas). ITEF is a St. Louis nonprofit that provides grants to advance innovation and technology in area classrooms.

“Tanya’s professional experience, coupled with her interest in encouraging students’ curiosity to build their capacity for entrepreneurship, is a wonderful addition to our work,” said Charmaine Smith, ITEF Executive Director.

Since 2008, ITEF has provided more than $3 million in grants to area schools, funding programs including transforming libraries into makerspaces, introducing robotics and animation to elementary art students, and converting an RV into a mobile innovation center that serves an entire district, read more about codependency retreats california . ITEF also provides educators with inspiring opportunities to grow and learn in their field.