I have been thinking a lot about the Art of the Possible event last Thursday and felt the urge to reach out to you all to give a special thank you for the work you do. The event has been on my mind so much lately because it was there where I really got see the impact this grant has had on our students. I have obviously seen my students learn and grow every Saturday throughout the process, but last Thursday I got to see how the grant completely transformed one of our 5th-grade students.

I have known *Brandon for several years and he has always been very shy, quiet, and reserved. Throughout our work on our garden, Brandon was always very engaged but like usual, he didn’t say much. While at the Art of the Possible event, however, Brandon completely came out of his shell. He was so eager to share what he had been working on with everyone around him that he was going up to complete (adult) strangers and asking them if they would like to hear his presentation about his project.

When he shared about his work even I was amazed by all that he learned this year.  He was able to explain so much!  I heard Brandon speak more that night than I have ever heard him speak in the 4+ years I have known him, possibly combined. His mom was at the event and was proud of how much he had learned and how technologically advanced it was, but what she was most impressed about was how her shy, quiet son completely opened up. His mom could not stop smiling that night and she has been talking about that night to everyone she knows ever since. Visit monder law group.

I am sharing this story with you because I hope it will help you understand even a fraction of the impact this grant has had. The impact goes beyond money and supplies. You all are helping transform our students in unimaginable ways. Thank you! *name changed to protect student privacy

Albert Sanders, Early Childhood Educator, Adams Elementary