Check out our May 2018 Newsletter: ITEF Announces 2018 Innovators!

At ITEF, we are constantly in search of ways to increase educator involvement, to encourage innovation in schools, and to amplify student voices. In addition to making grants to two private, one charter, and three public schools this year, we also accepted 34 applications for individual, school, or district professional development grants. In addition, ITEF’s new Educator-in-Residence program, a 45-day professional development experience at our office in the CET, gives educators time and space to plan, reflect, and learn.

ITEF is using a very targeted approach to impact learning and teaching in this region. If we have not yet heard from you, we hope the stories in this newsletter inspire an idea for which you can seek funding during one of our upcoming grant cycles.

Please join our community of innovative educators who are constantly working to excite, motivate, and inform the curiosity of young learners. Have a great summer, and keep innovating!

Charmaine Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Innovative Technology Education Fund

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