Funds support new technologically enhanced programs to innovate learning for students

St. Louis, MO. – The Innovative Technology Education Fund (ITEF) is awarding a total of $188,334.70 to three area schools, through 2020 Innovator Grants ranging from $47,097.00 to $79,208.70. ITEF provides these competitive grants to allow schools in our region to create inventive learning opportunities through technology for their students.

The 2020 Innovators:

  • Crossroads College Preparatory School (Private):  “3-Generations Tech”  Middle school students will partner with an elderly community to share life stories and experiences, then create vlogs and podcasts. The students will teach their older partners about social media and technology through the use of iPads. Awarded:  $47,097.00
  • Festus RVI School District (Public):  “Hidden in Plain Site”    K-12 students will restore the Mount Zion cemetery, preserving an element of early African American history in Jefferson County. The project will identify, memorialize, and celebrate the people buried in Mount Zion while honoring the historical significance. Awarded:  $62,029.00
  • Griffith Elementary School (Ferguson-Florissant School District):  Third-fifth grade students will participate in a social-emotional learning-based initiative focused on financial awareness, environmental systems, and a robotic healthy lifestyle model. The project integrates mathematics and reading goals.  Awarded:  $79,208.70

“Young learners need to be comfortable around technology and have opportunities to use it to communicate, to build, and to explore,” said Charmaine Smith, Chief Executive Officer of ITEF. “We are thrilled to help these innovative educators bring to life their ideas to transform learning at their schools. They join a community of past Innovator grantees in our region who are reimagining educational spaces and instructional practices for the benefit of students.”

ITEF supports two additional grant opportunities for educators:  Lean into Learning professional development grants encourage educators to choose an innovative experience that will deepen their knowledge and passion for their pedagogy as they inspire new learnings in students. The Lean into Learning grant window opens later this year.

Catapult grants are awarded to schools to purchase essential devices, closing the technology gap. It advances educators to the next rung on the innovative ladder. The Catapult grant window opens September 1.

ITEF is a St. Louis-based, charitable, nonprofit foundation that supports innovation in education by funding advanced technology in the classrooms of public, private, parochial, and charter schools in the greater St. Louis area. ITEF also provides opportunities for educators to continue to grow and learn in their field.

Since 2008, ITEF has provided more than $3 million in grants to St. Louis-area schools. Funds help support the creation of maker spaces with technology like 3-D printers and robotics equipment, full digital media and video production spaces, and environmental tools such as Vernier sensor and graphing technology where students learned data collection related to solar panels and wind turbines.

Grantees are selected by ITEF board members from a pool of applicants who meet requirements, including being an accredited K-12 public, private, charter, or parochial school in the greater St. Louis region.